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Emily Witt Named Vice President of Professional Services of Brightfind


If you ever wondered why Brightfind’s website launches are so successful, it’s because we have a killer process, and if you ever wondered why we have a killer process, it’s because we have the incredible Emily Witt. Known in the web community as blogger, ebook writer, and presenter extraordinaire, she now also wears the moniker Vice President of Professional Services of Brightfind.

Where it all began


Ms. Witt began her tenure at Brightfind as a Project Manager whose technological and business acumen quickly spearheaded her to the leadership of that team. Determined to build Brightfind’s reputation as a successful digital agency, Ms. Witt established and instituted a strategic process for Brightfind’s project lifecycle.

“It has always been a priority for me to facilitate communications and processes among the Brightfind teams to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. The fact is, that role is not only a priority for me, it is a passion,” explained Ms. Witt.

An established thought leader

Ms. Witt brings not only a genius for strategic processes to her new role, but a reputation for insightful and effective ideas. Her contributions to the web industry through mediums such as an ebook and several presentations, has established her as a thought leader among her colleagues.

Ms. Witt’s plethora of talents are expected to lead Brightfind to a new pinnacle of web service mastery. According to Frank Klassen, Brightfind’s CEO, “Emily’s new role is to create an elegant efficiency at Brightfind that results in extraordinary services to our clients. I envision her creating, with our team’s help, an agency with a reputation so stellar, it will always be a mark of honor and prestige to work here.”


Peggy Maslanka

Written by Peggy Maslanka