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Three Keys to Successful Ektron Projects

Here at Brightfind, we know that delivering innovative Ektron projects depends on the ability to collaborate and communicate with our awesome clients. We pride ourselves on doing great work, but it can be easy to assume that "Brightfind knows what you want." In reality, for your project to be successful, you’ll need to be engaged in the process, informed on updates, and interested in walking with us from start to finish.Jerry Maguire from the film of the same name sums up a project manager’s role below:


Syscom Services Project Managers


Throughout your Ektron project, our Project Managers promise to:

1. Facilitate Open Communication

Our project management team will check in and provide an overview of the project on a weekly status call. We'll discuss what we've accomplished, talk about where we’re headed, and let you know where we stand with regard to your budget and timeline. You can use this as an opportunity to cover questions you've been meaning to ask so we're all on the same page. Our team is available throughout the week via email, WebEx, and phone. Regardless of the method, the most important part of communication is to clearly state the status and progress of your project.  We're always available for questions and will communicate openly as to any challenges we might be facing, along with the options available for us to resolve them.

2. Answer Your Questions

The Web and content management systems can present complex issues. We've seen a benefit in having informed clients who can make the best decisions for their organization. Educating our clients and answering questions are great ways to make our calls and emails more streamlined so we all know where the project is heading.

3. Understand Your Goals

Open and honest communication with you allows us to ask poignant questions about your goals and expectations. Understanding why you have a feature request allows us to provide a more valuable response, which results in you making better business decisions.

As client and project managers, we understand that we're in this venture together and we'll do our very best to meet your needs. We accomplish this by creating a project environment that encourages successful web design and development projects.

Mike Groh

Written by Mike Groh