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Visit Brightfind’s Booth at ASAE Tech 15!

Brightfind will exhibit its web technology wares at the ASAE Technology Conference and Expo on December 15 and 16. The purpose of the conference is to lead associations to the best technical and strategic directions available.

The theme of Brightfind’s booth this year is usability success.

Brightfind will exhibit some of its most user-friendly websites via video at its booth. Some of its experts in user experience will discuss usability and other website technology with booth visitors.

Association technologists and marketers face extraordinary challenges with developing and maintaining their websites, and are required to present vast amounts of content to multiple audiences and personas. Brightfind develops its web technology with associations and their deep, complex content in mind, and it has some new techniques for organizing, navigating, and searching through that content effectively. Stop by booth #506 and learn how modern associations are facing these challenges and walking away with provable success.


Peggy Maslanka

Written by Peggy Maslanka