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Top 5 Things to do at PersoniFest


Normally being the oldest is not something people brag about. But in this case, it’s worthy of a boast.  Brightfind is one of Personify’s oldest partners. We were there in the olden ages of TIMSS software; we were there when they referred to themselves as TMA Resources; we were even there when Britney Spears was popular—in a good way. 

As a partner, we always attend their annual conference because it is a great way to connect with hundreds of people in the association community. To help those newer to the conference, we’ve created a list of the top things you don’t want to miss:


1. The educational sessions are top notch.

Maybe it sounds obvious to attend these, but there might be a time you consider skipping them to catch up on email. Don’t. Session content ideas came from the Personify community and classes are taught by customers, partners and Personify360 experts. Brightfind’s own Megan McKelvy is teaming up with RMA and YMCA Triangle to talk about Building Engaging Websites and Digital Experiences. Frank Klassen and AAOS will share How to Create a More Effective Experience for Your Customers’ Ecommerce Journey


2. Explore the city with Sunday funday events.

Personify has set up some opportunities for you to explore Tampa before the conference kicks off. There is a Tampa Bay Segway tour. Enough said.


3. Meet the partners.

Personify’s partners are an incredible resource for allowing you to extend Personify360. Meet them all at the conference. Some even offer cool giveaways and promotions. Visit Brightfind at booth #1 to enter for a chance to win a free website consultation. While you are there check out some of our dynamic website redesigns.


4. The customer appreciation party is top notch.

Personify never disappoints with its closing party. This year we’re going on a yacht. It’s a perfect night to simply have fun. And watch out for our digital analyst Justin Atkinson—he’s an animal on the dance floor. 


5. Networking, networking, networking.

Could we be anymore cliché? There is simply no other way to put it. At PersoniFest you meet people who you can count on year-round. Meet other customers, staff, and partners who know your AMS/CRM, who know the challenges you are facing and who know your industry.

What’s your favorite part of PersoniFest?  Comment below.

Lauren Janik

Written by Lauren Janik