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Editing Content in Episerver: A Review

With over 280,000 editors worldwide, you can believe that Episerver has prioritized the content editing experience. Here is a glimpse into some of my favorite features of content management in Episerver. If an experience as easy as this interests you, consider setting up an Episerver demo to see the platform in action. 

Tiny MCE Editor

Content management begins and ends with the editor, right? The Episerver editor uses Tiny MCE editor, offering a modern editor with improved formatting and an overall much cleaner experience. An added benefit is that administrators can more easily train and guide less experienced content editors through the feature set.


Device Specific Previewing

Previewing… Yes, real previewing. In Episerver, editors can dive into the editing experience, and within two clicks, see a preview of the entire page that they're currently editing. Gone are the days when previewing consisted of opening a new window to view content that you never really trusted as a true preview. 

If that wasn't enough, you'll be able to edit and preview content for specific “channels”, including mobile devices, and even the Apple watch. You can be so confident before hitting Publish or Submit that you won’t need to immediately pull up your iPad to verify that everything is laid out just right.



A great Episerver feature is personalized content, and it’s easier to set up than it is in Ektron. Personalizing content allows marketers and content managers to render specific content to visitor groups based on the information they’ve learned about them through integration points or user behavior.


Here are some sample visitor groups to consider:
  • Personalize based on Integration to AMS
  • Personalize by Geography
  • Personalize by pages visited
  • Personalize by number of visits

To take this a step further, consider the value of creating a prominent call to action that invites everyone from the Annual Conference that visits your website to attend a networking event, and of creating a prominent call to action inviting everyone else to join a live stream of the conference without having to display multiple competing calls to action.

The Episerver Experience Editor is Better



Content editing in Episerver is an improved experience, offering ease of use, improved previewing, and easy to configure and maintain personalization features.


I’m excited to work with more of our clients on Episerver to demonstrate how problems that may have plagued other content management systems are a thing of the past. Editing in Episerver is so easy, I hope all of you feel empowered to produce more engaging content, increasing the value of your hard work in less time!


Mike Groh

Written by Mike Groh