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Brightfind is a Big Winner in the Hermes Creative Awards

 The Hermes Creative Awards, one of the largest competitions of its kind in the world, selected Brightfind as the 2015 winner of three Gold Awards, two for association websites, and one for a pro bono website.  Brightfind also won an Honorable Mention for creative website design.

The two winning association websites created by Brightfind are those of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS), while the pro bono website selected for a Gold Award is that of the Baja Initiative for Community Empowerment (BICE). Brightfind won Honorable Mention for its own new website design.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) conducts, sets standards for, and judges the Hermes Creative Awards competition “to honor outstanding achievement and service to the communication profession.”  Its members serve in the fields of advertising, public relations, and media production as well as marketing. The competition is well regarded in the industry, attracting entrants from Fortune 500 companies, media conglomerates, and smaller but exceptional agencies such as Brightfind.

The SOA website was also recently selected for the 2015 Communicator Award of Excellence for its innovative card-based design, with its focus on reusability.  The RAPS website is notable for the global web presence it provides the organization, appropriate for its worldwide significance and value to its constituents.

For BICE, an organization that works with student-teachers and underprivileged children in village areas of Uganda, Brightfind created a modern website to influence and attract volunteers, donors, and others who might further the humanitarian goals of the organization.

Brightfind’s Honorable Mention is for its own new website, which was inspired by its new brand. Formerly the Web Technology Division of Syscom Services, Brightfind recently became its own company, providing comprehensive web services, partnerships, and CMS expertise.

”We’re thrilled that Brightfind is winning all this recognition, not just for us, but for our outstanding client partners,” said Frank Klassen, Brightfind’s CEO. “We’re off to a great start under our new brand as Brightfind, and our plan is to keep delivering award-winning excellence for every one of our engagements.”Brightfind_2015_Hermes_Creative_Awards

Peggy Maslanka

Written by Peggy Maslanka