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Mike Groh

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Editing Content in Episerver: A Review

With over 280,000 editors worldwide, you can believe that Episerver has prioritized the content editing experience. Here is a glimpse into some of my ...
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3 Tips for Sketching Wireframes

Here at Brightfind we're always trying to make our web design and development process faster and better, which is why we’ve begun sketching wireframes ...
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Three Keys to Successful Ektron Projects

Here at Brightfind, we know that delivering innovative Ektron projects depends on the ability to collaborate and communicate with our awesome clients. We ...
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The Benefits of using Ektron’s Targeted Content Widget

When we last spoke I shared details on how to segment analytics data by membership groups and personas. Now, let’s assume that you have already optimized ...
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Understand Member Engagement with Google Analytics

As we wind down from the holiday season and start to settle back in, It really hits me that we’ve moved into a new year once I get comfortable adjusting ...
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