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Justin Atkinson

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6 Ways to Collect Better Data from Google Analytics

Over the last couple of years, and as Brightfind continues to acquire new client partners, I’ve been seeing a trend related to the types of requests that ...
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Google Tag Manager - How Can I Track Digital Downloads?

Tracking website resource downloads (ie. tracking PDF downloads, whitepaper downloads, statistical reports) allows the Google Analytics Administrator(s) ...
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Benchmark Your Website Goals

Before any major project kicks off, one of the most important factors that all involved parties must agree on is, how will success be measured? How will ...
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Linking Google Tag Manager To Your Google Analytics Account

So, you’ve made the smart decision to leverage Google Tag Manager for all of your Google Analytics tracking needs …That’s GREAT! After you have taken the ...
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Am I using Classic Google Analytics or Universal?

A quick way to figure out whether you are currently using the older Google Analytics tracking script or the most recent Universal Analytics is to examine ...
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Targeted Display Ads Based on the Referral URL

As a Brightfind Digital Analyst, without question, the most fun thing about my job is helping our clients enhance their product implementations by ...
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