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Emily Shine
Emily Shine is a content writer and SEO strategist who helps purpose-driven organizations and entrepreneurs build their online presence. When she's not behind the computer, you can catch her in the park, gigging on a stompbox, or playing tennis.
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E-Commerce for Associations: 8 UX Design Tips and Benefits in 2022

Unprecedented growth in the digital marketplace over the past couple of years has propelled e-commerce websites into (yet another) revolution centered ...
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How to Make Your Website CPRA Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation wasn't the only sweeping privacy regime signed into law in 2018. That same year, the California Consumer Privacy ...
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GDPR Compliance in 2022: What Associations Need to Know

The ramp-up of the GDPR compliance in 2022 will present a very real threat for associations. Prepare to see a brand-new set of GDPR regulations around ...
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CMS vs. DXP – Which is best for your association?

What exactly is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and how is it different from a traditional Content Management System (CMS)? And...why should you care ...
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13 Considerations for Choosing a Content Management System

How can you select the right CMS for your organization? Here are the keys you need to make the best decision. You can incur exorbitant costs and ...
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5 Tips to Instantly Improve the UX of Your Association Website

User experience (UX) is at the heart of website design and management. It’s essentially the human experience of using your website. What happens when a ...
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How Long Will it Take to Rebuild My Site?

We get this question all the time as website developers and for good reason. The timeline is critical to the success of any website rebuild—especially if ...
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What is the ROI of a Content Management System?

Here, we’ll delve into how to estimate the ROI of CMS platforms including initial and ongoing costs, the metrics needed to calculate returns, and the ...
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Website Maintenance: 6 resources you need to maintain a rebuilt site

A great website is about more than just a successful launch or redesign. Just like a machine needs consistent maintenance, your website needs to be a ...
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How to create a budget for your website redesign

Years ago, a focused site showcasing your brand used to perform well. But today much more is required to generate the website visitors and conversions ...
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