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Associations Helping the Frontlines: An Interview with ASTHO

The coronavirus pandemic has caused global fear, uncertainty, and darkness. Yet throughout it all, the world has seen everyday heroes work relentlessly, put others before themselves, and help in any way they can.

These frontline workers can't do it alone. Behind the scenes are associations ensuring their constituents have the right resources, tools, and communities to be successful. Brightfind recognizes these associations’ staff as heroes themselves.

To help highlight the power of associations during this global pandemic, Brightfind is interviewing these organizations that are truly making a difference.

One such association is the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO). ASTHO represents public health agencies and more than 100,000 public health professionals these agencies employ. 
The organization helps public health officers navigate major national problems such as the opioid crisis, the youth vaping epidemic, the Flint, MI water emergency, and now the coronavirus pandemic.
ASTHO ensures that state and territorial agencies have the resources and information they need to effectively respond to COVID-19 cases in their jurisdictions—no small feat. 
Brightfind’s VP of Customer Engagement, Megan McKelvy, talked with ASTHO's Director, Web Services, IT, Heidi Satter about how ASTHO is helping frontline workers navigate the pandemic while keeping up with their “day jobs”.
Like many association professionals, ASTHO’s staff have seen their professional workloads doubled, even tripled, while simultaneously trying to adjust to working remotely and personally adapting to the "new normal”. The change and chaos could have easily warranted ASTHO putting its web design and development project on hold. Instead, ASTHO is forging ahead and prioritizing effectively communicating with and assisting public health officials.
Brightfind invites you to listen—and be inspired by—an incredible association that is truly making a difference. 
Lauren Janik

Topics: News

Written by Lauren Janik