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A Template for Your CMS and Web Design RFP

When it comes to writing RFPs, there is a process I follow:

  1. Stare at a blank Word document.
  2. Google how to write an RFP.
  3. Click on a shoe ad.
  4. Click back to the RFP search.
  5. Walk to get coffee.
While not the most efficient, there are two things right with my process.  
  1. Not recreating the wheel.
  2. Caffeine.

Brightfind has created a three-part blog series to help you write RFPs to find the perfect solutions and partners. Mid section of woman using laptop with coffee on table in cafeteria.jpegYou already know your first step, grab a cup of java. Next here are 5 Questions to Consider Before Starting Your CMS & Web Design RFP.  

Once you have those answers, learn 6 Questions to include in your CMS and Web Design RFP. This blog addresses both what you should ask and why.

Now, to save countless hours writing a CMS and Web Design RFP from scratch, here is a template you can download and customize

Do you have additional questions about finding the best CMS and Web partners and products?  Talk to Brightfind.  Perhaps, over coffee. 

Download the CMS & Web Design RFP Template


Lauren Janik

Written by Lauren Janik