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3 Things You Should Be Doing at the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo

The ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo is the event for the association community.  It’s a great gathering of people at all levels of their careers in a variety of job functions—all striving to make their industry a better place.  Many attendees are attending for the first time.  ASAE15_1.jpgMany would rather not share how many they already have under their belt (Brightfind fits into this category).  If it’s your first or your 25th, here are things to do at the conference that may not be on your radar, but can have a big impact on you professionally and personally. 

1.  Attend a session that has nothing to do with your job description.

What?  This may sound counterintuitive because it’s hard enough to choose between the many sessions that do match your job description. Attending a session outside of your day job will enable you to gain an understanding of what others in your organization are working on, their challenges, and how you may be able to help (or vice versa).  Learning about a completely different subject can help you be a more well-rounded association professional.  

2.  Don’t sit with anyone you know.

You sit two feet away from Brenda every day at work.  Catch up with her when you get back to the office.  Instead, sit with a group of people you have never even seen before.  Talk with them about what brings them to the conference, their associations’ missions, or just brag about your daughter’s goal in a soccer game. Meet new people.  That’s what this conference is all about.

3.  Meet an ASAE Section Council member. 
Volunteers serve on a variety of ASAE Section Councils to assist ASAE in providing programs, services, and resources to association professionals.  Members of these councils help shape the education of major ASAE events and bring a sense of community among ASAE members. Introduce yourself to a volunteer and talk about how you can get involved and what you can bring to the table.

Do you have secrets to enhancing the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo experience?  Share them below or stop by booth 404 and give us the tips!

Lauren Janik

Written by Lauren Janik