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A Template for Your CMS and Web Design RFP

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 14, 2017 2:02:33 PM / by Lauren Janik posted in Website Marketing Goals, Ektron CMS, Web Strategy, Design, Episerver, Sitecore, cms, contnet management systems, RFP

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When it comes to writing RFPs, there is a process I follow:

  1. Stare at a blank Word document.
  2. Google how to write an RFP.
  3. Click on a shoe ad.
  4. Click back to the RFP search.
  5. Walk to get coffee.
While not the most efficient, there are two things right with my process.  
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6 Questions to include in your CMS and Web Design RFP

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 7, 2017 10:17:35 AM / by Lauren Janik posted in Website Marketing Goals, Ektron CMS, Web Strategy, Episerver, cms, contnet management systems

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Before issuing an RFP for a new CMS and web design, it’s important to ask yourself these 5 questions.  After quizzing yourself, it is time to get to know potential vendors.  Ask about their company, processes, and relationships before making a commitment.   Their answers will enable you to choose wisely. 

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5 Questions to Consider Before Starting Your CMS & Web Design RFP

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2017 1:15:28 PM / by Lauren Janik posted in Website Marketing Goals, Ektron CMS, Web Strategy, Episerver, cms, contnet management systems

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The mere thought of an RFP for a content management system (CMS) and web design is overwhelming. Before you hit pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, you have to do your homework.  Start by asking the following questions:

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6 Ways to Collect Better Data from Google Analytics

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM / by Justin Atkinson posted in Website Marketing Goals, Analytics

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Over the last couple of years, and as Brightfind continues to acquire new client partners, I’ve been seeing a trend related to the types of requests that fill my queue.

So, what is this “trend” you ask?

The requests themselves are usually comprised of some sort of initial Google Analytics evaluation that Brightfind needs to provide recommendations for, and questions about the related level of effort for executing the suggested recommendations. There is an obvious “first we try, then we trust” school of thought regarding analytics, which is valid. These initial evaluations are important for a couple of reasons, both from Brightfind’s perspective, as well as the clients.

From Brightfind’s perspective, it allows us to get better understanding of the depth of the client’s current usage, as well as get a feel for the role that capturing and reporting on web site visitor data currently plays for that particular organization. Then from the client perspective, it allows them an opportunity to potentially engage in missed opportunities, and get a feel for how Brightfind’s role will impact future data driven decisions for the website.

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Analytics: What's the big deal?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 27, 2016 1:17:19 PM / by Julie Luo posted in Website Marketing Goals, Web Strategy, Analytics

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When I started working with analytics this summer as an intern at Brightfind, I had no idea how important or applicable it was to nearly every part of the web development process. Admittedly, two and a half months of exposure is not a lot of time, but I did have an amazing mentor (shout-out to Justin Atkinson, aka Digital Analyst wizard) and new things to learn every single day. In this blog post, I’ve summarized a lot of what I’ve learned this summer to show you how important analytics really are.

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How 301 Redirects Save SEO in a Website Redesign

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 23, 2015 11:25:29 AM / by Christie Gunden posted in Website Marketing Goals, SEO

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So, you are preparing to launch your newly redesigned website, and the anticipation levels are high. You’re knee deep in content updates and deciding whether to manually or automatically alias your URLs. Like most of our clients, you subscribe to one of three camps:

  1. There’s one thing keeping you up at night, and it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) You’re wondering how to maintain your page rank from one website to the next, and how you’re going to manage all of the pages that will no longer exist on your new website.

  2. You are familiar with the role 301 redirects play in your website launch strategy. (If this is you, skip this post and check out the strategy, implementation, and testing tips in my full e-book, “How to Avoid an SEO Disaster with 301 Redirects.”)

  3. The thought hasn’t crossed your mind.

Regardless of where you are coming from, redirects are super important, and we’re here to cover it today. 

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An Insider Look at the New HubSpot CRM

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2015 3:11:19 PM / by Christie Gunden posted in Prove ROI, Website Marketing Goals, Online Marketing, Announcements, Web Strategy

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Today HubSpot announced a brand new CRM and set of sales tools. Developed with the belief that “the traditional sales playbook is broken,” HubSpot’s new tools empower the modern sales professional to be successful in the face of a changed market.

Sellers are no longer the ones holding all of the information related to a product or service. Prospects hold the power and are able to perform research on any number of networks to understand pros and cons of the product, pricing, and even the seller.  Prospects have a DIY mentality and are now performing their own research and writing reviews. HubSpot’s new CRM and sales tools empower sales teams to streamline their motivation and better assist prospects in making their decisions.

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