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Brightfind says Hello.

Brightfind Wins Website Design Awards for SME and IIBA

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2019 1:08:44 PM / by Lauren Janik

First, we’d like to thank the academy…

At the launch of SME.org and IIBA.org, Brightfinders high-fived and congratulated each other. We admitted we might be a tad bias, but each website looked sharp and each website was designed to meet our clients’ strategic goals. When we learned we won a silver Muse Creative Award for the website design and development for each website, our internal applause felt justified.

“We are honored to receive such high recognition for these two websites. Brightfind is fortunate to have a talented team passionate about creating incredible digital experiences. Couple our team with the strong collaboration and relationships we have with our clients, and award-winning work is produced!” said Vince Tardy, Brightfind’s Vice President of Design.

What’s so special about SME.org and IIBA.org?

While these two websites have completely different goals and designs, they have one thing in common—each website was designed with its own constituents in mind.


As SME (formerly the Society of Manufacturing Engineers) grew and expanded its website offerings, including resources, events, and content, the organization SME's New home page highlighting its new iRAMP program.began to lose its unified voice. Brightfind began by helping SME identify a web strategy, honing in on its target audience, and conducting user research to validate what constituents truly wanted and needed via the website. Next up was design.

Equipped with user research, personas, and SME’s goals and objectives, Brightfind’s creative team designed a website that serves as a single voice for SME, complete with a purpose for each unique audience segment. There is now a taxonomy that works across multiple SME websites—three of which were designed by Brightfind.



The International Institute of Business Analytics' (IIBA) website needed to attract new members while staying true to its brand. Brightfind’s creative team IIBA's new home page designed to attract new members.developed the typography (font and scale) first, and the rest of the site was designed around it. This provided a smart structure to support the visual hierarchy, and the strong font choice emphasized the personality of IIBA.

Brightfind greatly improved the user experience to help IIBA attract and engage new members and to keep the current ones coming back for more. The new information architecture (IA) enables constituents to quickly find what they need, plus it supports search engine optimization best practices. Now IIBA’s web visitors can find exactly what they are looking for—the first time.

Tell me more about the Muse Creative Awards

The Muse Creative Awards is an international competition for creative and design professionals from all disciplines, who help push the evolution of their industry in a positive direction. The awards are administered and judged by International Awards Associates (IAA). The jury panel included 42 judges from leading companies in the creative and digital industry from all corners of the globe.

Entries were ranked according to industry-best standards. During blind judging, panelists evaluated the effectiveness of creative and design concepts, selecting winners from a deep pool of international submissions.

But wait, there's more!

Since we began writing this announcement, we learned that Brightfind won yet another web design award for SME's website.  We scored a Communicator Award, which receives more than 6,000 entries from companies and agencies of all sizes, making it one of the largest awards of its kind in the world. 

What's Next?

While awaiting our international fame and fortune, you can find the Brightfind team working hard on more award-winning websites. 

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Lauren Janik

Written by Lauren Janik